We are a bunch of friends who get together for whimsical, spontaneous, everyday adventurous type fun, making new friends as we go. We laugh and we play and we're not afraid to say "yes!"—to surprise; to dream big; to do good in our neighborhood.

We accomplish this through...

Quarterly Gatherings

Surprise, free events for all to spread laughter and smiles like confetti.

Engaging Content

Digital resources made to help you stop, pause, and celebrate today, every day.

Wanna Hang Out?

You'll have a blast if you:

  • Are between the ages of 2 to 92
  • Wonder who stuck you in this suit and tie and 9–5
  • Care to make this world a better place
  • Miss feeling free like a child
  • Like your friends, and are down with new ones (sorry Drake)
  • Wanna laugh and tumble and paint with your fingers and dance like no one's watching 'cuz no one is, they're stuck on their phones... I mean...

Other Fun Stuff